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We’ll be covering some facts too

Believe it or not, psychology involves a lot more than the therapist’s couch (anyway, nobody really uses a couch anymore ). Psychology is a science. Sciences are based on empirical research, and there are probably a few pieces of research that you have heard about even if you have never taken a course in psych. […]

We know 50 things about psychology?!?!

How do we know the difference between psychological fact and fiction? Well, the McKendree University Honors Intro to Psych course will be following the lead of Dr. Scott LilienfeldĀ and colleagues’ book 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology. Do you: think we only use 10% of our brain? think schizophrenia means a person has split personality? […]

Intro to Psych… and Mythbusting

Why are we here? I will be teaching Introduction to Psychology for Honors students at McKendree University. In addition to the already phenomenally intriguing material of Intro to Psych, students will be learning about the popular claptrap, hokum, misinformation, and mythology that surrounds the human mind and behavior. Blogging will be one of the ways […]

First post

The popular delusions blog is dedicated to busting myths and spreading truth about psychological science. More to come…