You are getting sleepy… very sleepy. When you hear this you probably think of a hypnotist putting someone into a trance on stage. If someone is able to do this to somebody they must be altering their state of consciousness or something like that. Right? This belief is a very common one and is shared […]

Do you ever remember of a dream you once had containing a cabin, or even earth? Well, according to self help websites which claim to decode your symbolic dreams, if you’ve dreamt of a cabin, you wish to be alone and do not feel like talking to anyone, or if you’ve dreamt about earth it […]

Do we really only use 10% of our brain?  Around the world, people think it is only humanly possible to use 10% of their brain.  One example is Michael Beasley, pro basketball player.  It is not just the average person that believes this myth.  This myth is so widespread that many psychology students and teachers believe […]

Have you ever been told that there are things in life out of your reach? Things your mom kept you from because she didn’t think they were quite the right fit for her baby? A majority of the population believes in a similar type of restriction in their daily lives. The theory that people are […]

As finals approach and the stress of important exams, little sleep, and hours of studying loom around the corner, one might assume that with the blood-shot eyes, crazy hair, and a painful stomach ache that all these symptoms have to do with stress. Wrong! Well…, mostly. Before the 1980s, the common idea amongst society and […]

There are quite a few ways to determine someone’s personality. There’s the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that evaluates a person’s personality based on 16 character traits (Ash, 2012). And then there are other personality tests that are considered pseudosciences, or a collection of beliefs mistakenly thought to be supported by science, such as astrology. Another example […]

A person who has not experienced a suicide by a loved one at some point in their life may think of a highly depressed person when asked to imagine a suicidal person. Ask someone who has experienced a loved one’s suicide, though, and they may have a slightly different answer. This is mostly due to […]