How often do you hear people talking about their relationship? Or how many relationships that you know of end in the statement, “we were so alike I thought he or she was perfect”? Many people believe that they want a significant other that is exactly opposite of them because if they are too similar they […]

The old rhyme “boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider; girls go to mars to get candy bars” is a silly saying. But, sometimes, people think of men and women as coming from two completely different worlds. There are even self-help books on the subject, such as, Men are from Mars, Women are from […]

Close your eyes. Picture someone on the brink of suicide. He or she is considering it, thinking of how best to end their life. What does that person look like? What disorder does this person have that would make them take such a step? Most people will say that this person has clinical depression, and […]

Did that really happen? Where did I place my necklace all those months ago? These are common questions that people pay hypnotists to answer. Why would people pay hundreds of dollars for such a thing? Many of these people share the belief of that being hypnotized enhances memories once repressed or forgotten. Over the years, […]

America always seems to have the wrong perception when it comes to controversial topics and it is no exception when it comes to violence among people with mental illness. A majority of Americans believe that mental illnesses is associated with violent acts. A study of Americans’ attitudes on mental illnesses between 1950 and 1996 found […]

If you have watched the news within a recent number of years then you have probably heard about the epidemic of autism at some point. Autism is a mental condition that appears in early childhood where children have trouble communicating and forming relationships with people. Within the last 20 years there has been an increase […]

We’ve all sat in classes, meetings, seminars or conferences, at some point in our lives, where we thought to ourselves, “There has to be an easier way to learn all of this boring stuff”. Well luckily for you there is! Hypnopaedia, or sleep learning, is the process of learning new material while soundly asleep. The […]


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