Do you think you would feel safer around thirty people or three people? If you said thirty people, you might end up in deep trouble. Many people believe that it is safer to travel in a group. In a group, people feel less vulnerable, and they think they cannot be seen by any predator. People […]

You anxiously tap your pencil as the test proctor begins passing out the answer sheets. For the past week, you have studied every night to prepare for the ACT. You think back to test advice your teachers have given you before. “Don’t second guess your answers,” they said, “your gut answer is usually right.” You […]

We’ve all seen those detective shows on television where police officers use lie detectors to find out if an alleged criminal is telling the truth or not. On the outside, lie detectors seem like a fool-proof way to finding out the truth, however, there is more to them that meets the eye. Lie detector tests, […]

It has been a few months since the murder of your sister, but someone has, at last, come forth and confessed…

Murderer. Psychopath. Menace to society. In today’s society people suffering from mental illness are seen as dangerous and axe murderers. Many people believe that people with mental illness are more dangerous than the general public. The media perpetuates the idea of people with mental illness being dangerous. Hollywood shows people with mental illness to be […]

Stop and think about a person who has or has attempted to commit suicide. What does that person look like? Are they curled up in a ball unable to control their emotions? Many people who imagine someone who has committed suicide, or attempted to, picture someone who has clinical depression, however this isn’t always the […]

Yin and Yang, positive and negative, fire and ice, all of these phrases are just a way to say the same thing. Opposites. When talking about opposites, many think of magnets, but others may think of the commonly held belief about love – “opposites attract” – while this may be true for magnets, is not so true […]