“Let it out,” and “Don’t hold it in,” are common phrases we hear when dealing with anger or any type of emotion. There’s a popular misconception that expressing anger lowers the risk of aggression; this is called catharsis. Social media and different movies suggest that “letting off steam,” is the best way to rid yourself […]

In society, the misconception that schizophrenia is the same as split personality or dissociative disorder is widespread. It is not only a mistake that the general public makes with phrases such as “She’s acting so schizophrenic today,” but also professionals, as this misconception has been seen in several scientific journals. So do not feel too […]

If you have ever had a friend or significant other of the opposite sex, you know that communication can be basically impossible, right? You always feel like one of you communicates more or better than the other. The American pop psychologist, John Gray, even went as far as to say that communication is so different […]

You have probably heard of the “Five Stages of Grief,” otherwise known as DABDA. These stages of dying have been popularized by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in the late 1960s. The 5 stages in order are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This is such a well-known concept, that many movies and shows have depicted these […]

Most of us have watched the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” where the filmmakers perpetuate the idea that our perfect intimate partner, is someone who differs in qualities from us. This idea that opposite attract is so common that psychologist Lynn McCutcheon found that 77% of undergraduates agreed that, in relationships, opposites are more likely to attract (Lilienfeld et. al 2010). But is it true that opposites attract?   The truth is that research evidence suggests that opposites do […]

“Whose paper is this?” My history teacher holds the nameless test in front of the classroom. He squints at the paper again. “It looks like a guy’s handwriting. As I catch sight of the scraggly font, my cheeks turn red. “Nope, it’s mine.” Embarrassed, I trudge over to him and scribble my name on my test.  I always […]

If you’re anything like me, or many other students for that matter, you believe that it is best to go with your initial answer when taking a multiple choice test. Teachers even encourage their students to avoid changing their answer as they feel they will change it from the correct option to an incorrect one. […]

The phrase “Can money buy happiness?” is one you’ve likely heard before. The idea of money and other external forces determining happiness is not new either. Everything from self-help books to aromatherapy to fairy tales like Cinderella show that changing your circumstances is how you achieve happiness, but are circumstances really what determine your “happily ever after”? […]

Have you ever had a dream that you thought meant something? It is a commonly held belief that dreams have symbolic meaning and are a manifestation of the wishes of a person’s unconscious. Television shows and movies often depict dreams as having a deeper meaning and help the characters resolve their problems. Some common dreams […]

You pull into the gas station and see the potential lottery winnings displayed in the window. Someone has to win, so it might as well be you, right? On a whim, you purchase a ticket. Well, flash forward a few weeks and you do win. You collect your millions and feel on top of the […]