We’ve all experienced it. Your teacher passes out multiple choice exams and you actually feel prepared for once. Throughout the test, confidence is definitely the word for how you feel… except for 1 question. You’re running out of time and remember your professor mentioning that your initial hunch is usually right. With this in mind, […]

“I am doing poorly because I don’t learn the same as the way they teach.” At one point in time, we have all  heard someone blame a teacher’s methods of instruction for their lack of success in class. Their style of teaching simply does not suit this student’s learning style, therefore it is nearly impossible […]

“He must have had an abusive childhood.” “They must have been hurt as a child.”  These are just two examples of common justifications for why individuals suffer from severe personality disturbances in adulthood. In fact, sexual abuse in childhood is one of the first conclusions people jump to in regard to why individuals suffer from these disturbances. In today’s society, it is easy to understand […]

Imagine if a series of horrendous murders were happening in your neighborhood. Police were stumped and the victims were piling up. On the news you hear an expert profiler giving a description of the serial killer, “White, male, mid 20s to early 30s, single, blue collar job”. This information must be incredibly important and valuable […]

Have you ever wondered what makes you who you are? Was it how you were raised, or were you automatically born with all of your personality traits? The common belief is that the way you were raised determined your personality. In fact, you can find this assumption in many books and articles, because it is […]

Most parents would do anything to help your child be successful and smart when they grow up. One way many people believe they can boost their infant’s intelligence is through the Mozart Effect. The Mozart Effect was first introduced by Alfred Tomatis in 1991 and refers to the boost in intelligence after listening to classical music. […]

Few topics cause more problems between men and women than communication. You hear every day of how relationships have ended, or fights begun between couples all due to communication failures. However, this is also typically accepted because it is common knowledge that men and women communicate in completely different ways. At least, that is what […]